About Lake Columbia

Lake Columbia is a private, man-made lake that came into existence when farmland was transposed into this beautiful lake on November 10, 1961.

Lake Columbia

Vital Lake Statistics

  • Overall Development: 1600 Acres
  • Area of Water: 840 Acres
  • Shoreline: 12 Miles
  • Length of Lake: 2 1/2 Miles
  • Width at Widest Point: 1 3/4 Miles
  • Average Depth: 18 Feet *
  • Water Source: Goose Creek
  • Drainage Area: 25,000 Sq. Acres

* (Bathymetric Map)

The Dam on Lake Columbia

The dam on Lake Columbia was constructed in July of 1961 in order to stop the flow of Goose Creek. The lake has a primary inflow from Goose Creek and a primary outflow from Goose Creek. Goose Creek mainly flows from northeast and flows into the Raisin River. The Raisin River connects Lake Columbia, Clark Lake, Vineyard Lake and Norvell Lake together by way of Goose Creek. The drainage area of Lake Columbia is 25,000 sq. acres which drains from Jackson County and Hillsdale County, Michigan.

Dam Shape & Size

The earthen portion of the dam is L-shaped with the size being 950 feet long and 35 feet high. The head of water is 28 feet.


The spillway is 225 feet long and 30 feet wide with an average wall height of 12 feet. The mouth of the spillway is 50 feet in diameter.

Spillway Material

The dam has 2,000 cubic yards of concrete and 200,000 pounds of reinforced steel.

Before / After Photos

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Bay View Shores

This is the east end of Bedford in area of Lot 136 looking west.

Before and After Before and After

Cambridge Shores

This is showing area of Lot 43/44 Wesch Road lookingt south.

Before and After Before and After

Historical Information

Beginning of Lake Columbia

History of Lake Columbia

Land was Purchased

In September of 1960, after an intensive study of the area by American Central Corporation of Lansing, Michigan, the people in the Lake Columbian area, which was then strictly farm land, were contacted and their farms purchased.

History of Lake Columbia

Construction of the Dam

In July of 1961, the construction began on the huge dam that now stops the flow of Goose Creek.

History of Lake Columbia

Clearing of the Land

In the fall of 1961, large clearing crews worked to clear the wooded portions of land in the lake basin along with massive bulldozers. These dozers worked around the clock. At night they kept huge fires pushed up tight. The roaring blaze could be seen for miles around.

History of Lake Columbia

Flooding of the Land

On November 10,1961, it was red-letter day for that was the day flooding started and before your eyes you could see farmland being transposed into our beautiful lake. Lake Columbia was born, as flooding covered the vacant farmland, transforming fields into 840 acres of lake lovers' paradise in southern Jackson County.

Houses Starting to be Built

This photo was taken by someone in a helicopter in the mid 1960s. The view is overlooking Wesch Road and Castlewood Drive.

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